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IAEI Objectives

  • To cooperate in the formulation of standards for the safe installation and use of electrical materials, devices and appliances.
  • To promote the uniform understanding and application of the National Electrical Code and other electrical codes.
  • To promote cooperation between inspectors, the electrical industry and the public.
  • To collect and disseminate information relative to the safe use of electricity.
  • To represent the Electrical Inspectors in all matters which are dealt with nationally and internationally by the electrical industry.
  • To cooperate with other national and international organizations in furthering the development of the electrical industry.



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Charlotte / Mecklenburg County has gone electronic with  plans reviewing process. Click Here

Electrical Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health

Why are so many Construction workers electrocuted?

US Electrocution Report.



OSHA relies on us to help enforce all the workplace safety laws that apply to keeping our citizens safe. If a business owner has non-certified / non-approved equipment in the workplace, it may be a hazard to them and their employees. If an inspector is prevented from asking questions about this equipment / machinery, NC OSHA wants to know about it. Kevin Beauregard, the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the NC Department of Labor, has stated that the NCDOL Division of Occupational Safety and Health will cite employers for having non-approved equipment / machinery in the workplace, per 20CFR 1910.303(a). If you have any questions about this, he is available to answer your questions – you can e-mail him: Kevin.beauregard@nclabor.com.

To report any potentially unsafe conditions in the workplace, there are some options:

1). Go to www.nclabor.com, under “Quick Clicks” on the right-hand side, click on “Safety and Health Complaints”. On this page, you will see the statement: “Anyone who knows about a workplace safety or health hazard may file a complaint, and OSHNC will investigate the concerns reported”. You can file a complaint online.

2). On the left-hand side of the page, are the phone numbers for the Eastern and Western Bureau Chiefs. Tim Childers is the Western Bureau Chief, his number is 336-776-4420. Tom Hayes is the Eastern Bureau Chief, his number is 919-779-8512. Also, you can call the OSH Complaint Desk at 919-807-2796, 919-662-4309, or 800-NC-LABOR (800-625-2267).


If you file a complaint, and do not get a satisfactory result, or do not get information on the results of the compliant / OSHA Inspection, contact us at the NC Ellis Cannady Chapter IAEI. Go to www.nciaei.org and click on “Contact”, and fill out the form. We will assist you in getting an answer.

Thank you for helping to keep NC workplaces safe!